Master of the Smoking Mirror

Magic, mayhem and moonshine

10 May
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mama she raised me on riddles and trances
fatback, channel-cat, lily-white lies
rocked my cradle in a jimmy-crack fancy
never knew papa and i never asked why

well, now, people say papa wasn't no-account anyway
people say papa was rollin' stone
well i turned twenty on the waccamaw throughway
hitching up river in the dark alone

hooked up with a carny little outta memphis
slavin' in a sideshow, pennies in a jar
beetle-eyed jokers and hicktown princes
rhinestone rubies and rubber cigars

wrassled me a gator up in omaha city
did me another down in new orleans
tangled with the barker, run off with the kitty
crawled the mississippi and i got away clean

underneath the levee in a cat-tail thicket
hidden in the shadow of a shady grove
there's a thatched roof risin' from a poke fence picket
white smoke billows from a kettle-black stove

inside the house is the hall of mirrors
inside the mirror is the temple of sin
and inside the temple is the face of mama
and mama she know just where i been
yeah, mama know exactly where her bad boy been


"Our Master, the Lord of the Near and Nigh,
thinks and does what He wishes; He determines, He amuses Himself.
As He wishes, so will it be.
In the palm of His hand He has us; at His will He shifts us around.
We shift around, like marbles we roll; He rolls us around endlessly.
We are but toys to Him; He laughs at us."

"Tezcatlipoca is the god of the sorcerers, the adulterers and the assassins, the acrobats, jesters and puppeteers, the patron of the slaves and the warrior school for commoners... He stands for the nocturnal sky... Handsome, young, lame and left-handed, Tezcatlipoca is associated with sexual excess, homosexuality included, sin and punishment, repentance and sacrifice, fate and deceit. His smoking mirror hides more than reveals; he is a creator-demiurge, a trickster and a god of discord. In contrast, he is the patron of princes and, as One Acatl, presides banquets; his glyph is the sacrifice knife."

- Sandra Busatta

RP journal for estdeus_innobis. Used for character building, IC posts and background stuff.

The magician Tez is a figment of my imagination (i.e. this is not the journal of a real person, please take the hint - he will not friend you back >_<) and is my technically my property, I suppose. The scent Tezcatlipoca is the property of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, may they live forever.

The god Tezcatlipoca, Lord of the Near and High, the Enemy on Both Sides, He Whose Slaves We Are, remains his own property. What happened to the Mexica people can be read about here. What is remembered, lives.
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