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Overview post

General overview

Tez is - or was - a showman with the Carnivale Diabolique; specifically, a magician. His tricks - primarily secret-reading and illusory fire-handling - were a little *too* good, but this was the Diabolique, and things like that go unmentioned there. He also was, and is, the 'Aztec' god Tezcatlipoca. However, due to vast amounts of trauma (and survivor guilt) over the destruction of his culture during the conquest of Mexico, he's spent several hundred years hiding out in human form and trying to forget what he was. Iblis, however, has been reminding him who and what he is....

Other noteworthy points are that he's missing his right foot (sometimes wears a prosthetic foot, sometimes just a metal peg) and that he's an incorrigible drunk who brews his own moonshine. He has a chronic case of survivor guilt and an overwhelming tendency to The Emo. Although he's been known to appear competent and even smooth on first meeting (people who know this character will lol), especially if he wants something or is trying to schmooze someone into bed, when it comes to relationships he has the emotional literacy of a fourteen year old. He's liable to follow his dick (and/or his heart; he has a tendency to confuse the two, in both directions) into fucked-up situations.

He tried briefly to leave the carnival and the town, and was the first of the carnies to find out that this isn't actually possible for them. After an incident with Gaueko, he got himself kicked out of the carnival and had to resort to living by the river in his truck. Since then, he's moved into the apartment over Lucien's office, and from there to the slums old apartments to the southwest of town. He's recently warded his room against Lilith.

Over the course of the game so far, his godly!powers have been amped back up somewhat by contact with Iblis (and later a spat with Lilith), including getting back his jaguar aspect and his female form. He's finding the latter distinctly weird but seems to be enjoying it. (NOTE: this form is *not* recognisable to others, including gods, as being Tez. If it fooled his brother, it can fool pretty much anyone else.... Iblis, and possibly Lilith, are exceptions.) Most recently, his Chalchihuihtotolin aspect has been reawakened, which is having some, um, interesting effects on him.

And then there's his relationships....

Significant Relationships and Interactions

Iblis - kind of a biggie. Tez met Iblis first at the 'Boy and fell for him hook, line and sinker. After a brief period of resistance from Tez, Iblis in his Brant form managed to seduce him in an alley, whereupon they had extremely violent sex with a spot of heart-eating. Since then they've developed a weirdly romantic, oddly functional relationship that's marred only by the fact that Tez is unfaithful and annoyingly human and Iblis is, well, the Devil.

Most recently, since Tez's Chalchihuihtotolin aspect was awakened, Tez has seen something of the totality of what Iblis is. And yet he's promised to still love him...how that will go remains to be seen.

Syl - Syl and Tez have known each other for getting on for 30 years, since Syl first came to the carnival as a girl and are extremely close friends. In that time, they were together for a few years; they've recently got involved again. (About which Iblis was less than pleased, although he's now dealt with that somewhat.) Tez loves Syl, though considering that she knows he's involved with and in love with Iblis Syl was less than pleased to be told this. When Tez was living in his truck, Syl stayed with him a lot to keep an eye on him - and help keep him away from the Tower. Syl's girls don't approve of the relationship. At the moment Syl, Tez and Verdi are working on a way to get Lilith out of the carnival.

Genny - one of "Syl's girls", Genny has been painting Tez - and kind of becoming his worshipper, without necessarily intending to, in the process. After the twins read their cards for Tez without asking him, they talked to Genny and she painted Tez. He liked the painting. A lot. And it also amped his god!self further. In the fight with Gaueko, it's Genny's plea that saves him. She starts painting him, and can't stop. He begins to gives her visions in exchange for her blood, and she's starting to behave like an addict. He's also got curiously paternal over her, though this shows disturbing signs of turning into some kind of obsession, especially now that she's become his priestess - and after a sexual dream featuring her which LIlith gave him while she raped him.

Gaueko - Gaueko and Tez have some history together from the Good Old Days before Tez went all human. Since they met up again, however, it seems that all they've done is snark at each other - Gaueko being contemptuous of Tez's denial, weakness and attempts to be human, and Tez being rubbed up the wrong way by the things in Gaueko that he dislikes in himself (and being jealous of Gaeuko's relationship with Iblis). Things weren't made any easier when Gaueko stumbled over Iblis and Tez screwing in a field and, ah, kind of joined in. A while after, Gaueko and Anushka went to the carnival, which visit degenerated into a fight (and, later, something more) between Gaueko and Tez, which has led to a touch of reluctant respect between them. Tez even worried about Gaueko after Anushka's desertion (and death), and they've actually had (mostly) civil conversations. Deargod.

Kaeli - after Kaeli nonconsensually used her powers on Tez, sassed Syl and got a gun pulled on them both by Valmont, Syl and Tez tracked Kaeli down and attempted to 'teach her a lesson'. The result of this was that Lugh and Eris were furious, and Lugh published an inflammatory edition of the paper, stirring up the townsfolk against the carnival. Since then, Tez and Kaeli have made up their differences somewhat, and had zombie-raising fun together.

Verdi - one of the first people Tez encountered in the town, Verdi has tried to be a friend to Tez. As well as letting Tez work off some temper in a drunken fight, and subsequently looking after him (to the extent of losing a pair of boots when he threw up on them and sluicing him down in the shower), she recently joined him and Syl in a friendly threesome. With Syl, she and Tez are trying to get Lilith out of the carnival.

Lucien - Tez and Lucien are old buddies from the carnival. They haven't seen aa lot of each other since Lucien moved into town, but after Iblis reminded Tez of his girl!form, Tez thought it'd be a laugh to get Lucien to hit on him. This didn't turn out exactly as he expected, but Tez spent some time living the apartment over Lucien's office.

Other characters - He hates Lilith with a fiery passion. Every time he's interacted with Glass, he's been drunk and ended up getting hit with something, usually by her. He and Zann really don't get on, primarily because of Genny. Valmont barred him from the Whitechapel after the incident with Kaeli (although he's snuck back in). [Poke me if I've left anyone off!]




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